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Friday, March 27

Books for April - June 2009

We tried something new this time with our book voting and it worked out VERY well. So here’s how we will do things from now on:
  • You get to nominate a book if you’ve been to at least 3 meetings. The same criteria goes for voting.
  • If you nominate a book and it is chosen, you cannot nominate one in the next round (but you can in the round after that).
  • A week before the voting you should submit the title, summary and reason you want to nominate that book to me. I’ll compile a list and send it to the entire club.
  • Everyone will rank the books in order from most preferred to least preferred and email me their list.
  • The three books that get the most “top 3” votes will be our choices.

So … here are the results of this round of voting, with the three winners first:

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
9 votes
nominated by Beth

Queen of the Road
9 votes
nominated by Amy

Little Bee
8 votes
nominated by Heather

The Art of Racing in the Rain
7 votes
nominated by Stephanie

Alias Grace
4 votes
nominated by Jennifer

Still Alice
3 votes
nominated by Nancy

If your book was not chosen, feel free to nominate it again next time. The only people not eligible to nominate books in the next round will be Beth, Amy, and Heather (me).

I’ll get a meeting schedule posted sometime next week so stay tuned …

1 comment:

Regina said...

Hi Heather! I didn't know about the CityLit festival until I read your comment. It looks like a great event. I'll have to share it with the girls and see if a field trip is in order.

Best of luck on the book selections!