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Monday, March 31

Recap: The Poisonwood Bible (Part 1)

We had an excellent meeting this past weekend to discuss Books 1-3 of The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Our host was Audrey, Carrie's stepmom. It was wonderful to have so many of us all together - and comfortable - in one room!

I was SO IMPRESSED with all the ladies this month. Of the 12 of us who attended (we did have one visitor plus Audrey) everyone read up to - or almost up to - where they were supposed to. And wonder of wonders, EVERYONE liked this book! Personally I thought there would be many who did not so I was pleasantly surprised. :)

We began the discussion with some basic info about the author. The fact that she was born in Annapolis and lives nearby in Virginia made us feel local connection to Kingsolver. Then we moved on to an overview of Books 1-3. We discussed the relationship between the title of each book, the subtitle of each book, and the events that happen within that book. We also contrasted the verse at the start of each book with what happens at the end of each book.

From there we talked a bit about the characters themselves, their outlook on the world, and the meanings behind their names. We discussed how Leah begins to change in Book 3. During the character discussion, Carrie pointed out that although each of the 5 women telling the story has her own distinct voice, Rachel and Ruth May sound very much alike. We decided that had a lot to say about Rachel's maturity level! Annette brought up Rachel's actions during the ant raid. The way she stuck out her elbows and let the crowd carry her really symbolized her way of going through life.

Other big topics included Biblical themes, contrasting cultures, stereotypes, and the idea of balance. We touched on Adah's use of palindromes (everyone found that fascinating) and her fascination with the poet Emily Dickinson. This book is fun and entertaining yet dark and haunting all at once. Everyone agreed that it has many levels that open up world's of discussion!

We talked for about 2 hours straight and I didn't have to remind anyone to keep on track. Everyone was very involved in the discussion and contributed a variety of ideas and opinions. Two members are doing the audio version this time and both are heartily enjoying it! They say the narrator does an excellent job changing her voice to portray the 5 women.

We'll conclude our discussion at our next meeting on April 19. Bev gets to choose our next book and she's started looking already!

Just before our meeting closed, Joan gave everyone a copy of The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. She's been picking them up from the thrift store every chance she gets and finally had enough to give one to each member of the club. This is the book Joan plans to choose when her turn comes up in a few months. What a cool idea - thanks Joan!

Thursday, March 6

Next Meeting: The Poisonwood Bible (Part 1)

Our next meeting is set for March 29 at 2pm. We will discuss Books 1-3 of The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver. Here are some questions/ideas to consider as you read ...
  • Where does the title of the book come from? Does this give you any insight into the theme of the book?
  • Take notice of the different voices of the 5 narrators ... do you have a favorite?
  • Why doesn't Nathan get to tell his part of the story? Do you think he should, or is the book better because he doesn't?
Of course, you can always use the questions on the bookmarks I gave out at the last meeting. Those are helpful when reading ANY book for discussion.

Happy Reading!


I just found an excellent summary of the book on ReadingGroupGuides.com ... I'm posting it here for everyone:
God's Kingdom in its pure, unenlightened glory. So fourteen-year-old Leah Price expects when, in the summer of 1959, she arrives in the Congo with her family. Her Baptist-preacher father, Reverend Nathan Price, assigned to Kilanga mission, is determined to enlighten the savages and to rule his family with strict biblical sanction. Leah's twin, Adah, the victim of hemiplegia at birth, limps along and maintains silence. Fifteen-year-old Rachel resents being dropped on "this dread dark shore" far from America's fashions and comforts. Ruth May, five years old, faints. And their mother, Orleanna, readies herself to protect them all from whatever perils may come--from jungle, river, or father and his terrible God. From 1959 through 1998, the Price sisters tell their stories, in alternating narratives that reflect their ages as the years pass and the understandings that they achieve. Those stories--together with Orleanna's retrospective commentaries--reveal the amazing forty-year saga that the Prices and the Congo share. Cultural and spiritual conflicts, confusion and revelation, hunger and pleasure, cruelties and kindness, suffering and love, all combine with the day-to-day life in Africa's villages to enrich this wondrous tale. This is Barbara Kingsolver's most daring, complex, and rewarding novel--a whopping good story told with tender majesty. The wisdom that Rachel, Adah, Leah, Ruth May, and Orleanna wrest from their lives is also ours.