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Tuesday, November 18

Ideas for Christmas Books

For our Christmas party we are reading any Christmas book of our choice.* Here's a list of suggested titles for those who need some extra inspiration:
I can't wait to see what everyone chooses to read. At the meeting we'll do our Book Report format which means that everyone gets a chance to talk about their book for a few minutes. It should be fun!

*If you feel strongly about reading something else then go for it!

Recap: The Glass Castle

Fourteen of us met on Saturday at Melissa's house to discuss The Glass Castle. Our discussion touched on homelessness, poverty, mental illness, family love, overcoming your past, and much more. It sounds depressing but it was definitely not - we had a great time discussing a great book!

Thanks to everyone who made our meal so fantastic - we'll have to do the Thanksgiving theme again for sure.

Our next meeting is set for Dec. 21 at 2pm at Jessica's house. We'll be discussing the Christmas book of your choice (or whatever you feel strongly about reading). I'll post a list of suggestions within the next few days.

Thanks to Melissa we have some pics of our meeting!

(I also reviewed this book on my blog.)

Thursday, November 13

Links for The Glass Castle

I came across a post on another blog about our current read, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It includes links to several interviews with the author that might be interesting. I haven't had time to check them out yet; if you do, be sure to post a comment or two about what you learn.

UPDATE: I've found lots of additional links I'd like to share with you. Enjoy!
I'm really looking forward to out meeting on Saturday. And I LOVE Melissa's idea of bringing filled shoeboxes in support of Operation Christmas Child. I know a few ladies are already filling boxes - yeah!