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Wednesday, September 24

Recap: Redeeming Love

On Thursday night we met at Chevy's for Happy Hour to discuss Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers.

First off, it was crowded! We usually sit on the porch outside and have it almost to ourselves. This time I snagged the only two empty tables out there. The noise level was higher than we're used to as well. And the parking was horrendous! It's never good, but this was ridiculous.

Ok, on to the book. This was Kelli's pick and she'd read it before. Most of the girls LOVED it, even the ones who didn't particularly want to read it. Lenore read it in two days, Nicole stayed up late even though her littlest boy is still waking up every few hours at night, Kara didn't want to get out of the car whenever she arrived at work (she listened on CD), and Shayla is planning to give copies to her sister and cousins. Personally, I wasn't a big fan. Neither was Annette, and Jennifer and Amy both thought it was just ok.

We talked a bit about what made Michael Hosea such an appealing character and our reactions to women like Angel in today's world. Stephanie and Melissa both empathized with Angel, as they've come across girls like her in their respective careers.

It was interesting to me to see the two different covers for this novel. They certainly give very different first impressions! Scroll to the bottom of this post for some examples.

Our discussion was rather brief this time. The noise level contributed, but we also wanted to finish year so (most of) us could go to the movie (click here for details on that).

Here are our rating for Redeeming Love:
  • 5 = 2 votes
  • 6 = 2 votes
  • 8 = 2 votes
  • 9 = 1 vote
  • 10 = 4 votes
Eleven people rated the book (thirteen actually read it, but two haven't rated it yet), so our average rating is 7.9. I'll of course update this when I get the final two ratings.

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