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Tuesday, December 9

Books for 2009 (January - March)

At our last meeting we voted on the books we'd like to read over the next few months. Here's what we decided on:

Interpreter of Maladies
by Jhumpa Lahiri
nominated by Melissa
Change of Heart
by Jodi Picoult
nominated by Kara
The Bean Trees
by Barbara Kingsolver
nominated by Bev

We'll be setting meeting dates at our Christmas party on 12/21 so please remember to bring your calendar. And feel free to read ahead if you want to!


Sherry said...

I'm hoping my book club will select "Interpreter of Maladies." We're about to select our next five books.

How many books did you choose from? Does everyone in your group submit suggested titles?

Sherry said...

BTW - Thanks for adding us to your book club blogroll.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

In the past, each gal got to choose a book for the group to read but we're so big that it would take about 2 yrs to get your turn so we've decided to try something new.

At our last meeting each gal could nominate a book (or several) and the group voted on them. [We decided that, in the future, each gal may only nominate ONE book though - it just got too confusing this time!]

One the nominations are made, each gal wrote down her top three pics. Those titles made up our short list.

From that short list we did another vote, this time choosing our top three. The three books with the most votes made became our choices.

The reason for doing two votes is so that each gal gets an input on the final books, even if her original choices didn't make the short list.