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Monday, March 29

Meeting Recap: The Help

This month we read THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett. Both Nancy and Bev nominated this book and it got lots of votes in our last round of book picking.

One of the first things we discussed was how popular this book is right now. Many members were surprised at how many times they were approached while they were reading/carrying the book in public – it seems that everyone has either read it or wants to read it.

The two characters who were favorites with the group were Aibileen and Miss Cecilia. Many of us hoped for more from Cecilia’s storyline but felt that she was incredibly well written. And there wasn’t a single one of us who didn’t love Aibileen. The least favorite character was Hilly (she was so believable and we all hated her) followed by Miss Lefolt (for her lack of care for her daughter and her “wishy-washy-ness”).

Part of our discussion focused on racism in different parts of the county. In general racism is visually prevalent in the South and more of an undercurrent in the North, at least in our combined experiences. We also discussed the current trend of racism toward people of Hispanic and Middle Eastern descent.

As you can tell from the votes below, most of the group really enjoyed this book. We agreed that it wasn’t perfect but that it had many excellent qualities. One thing that didn’t sit well with us is how “safe” everyone seemed to be, despite the dangerous nature of their actions; most of us were expecting something horrible to happen to at least one of the characters.
  • Nancy = 9
  • Heather = 8
  • Cyndie = 8
  • Melissa = 8
  • Lissa = 8
  • Jennifer = 8
  • Beth = 8
  • Tracy = 6
With 8 ratings, we get an average of 7.9 for this book.

Thanks to Melissa for hosting at her church and to Nancy & Beth for preparing for and running the meeting. Our next book is THREE CUPS OF TEA, by Greg Mortenson, and we’ll be meeting at Reynold’s Tavern for high tea.

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