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Wednesday, June 4

I have our books!

Hi ladies - David dropped off signed copies of his book Unholy Grail today! I'll have them for you at our meeting on Sunday. He was also kind enough to give me an extra signed copy that I can give away on my other blog - how cool!

As I mentioned in the emails, David is looking for constructive criticism on this book. He suggested that we each make of list of the three things we like most and the three things we like least about his book. I think this is an excellent idea that will lead to a great discussion.

FYI, David is very easy to talk to; I think our meeting with him will be very comfortable and informative. He brought the books to my office this afternoon and we had a few minutes to chat before he left again. He let me know that he asked our club to read his book for two main reasons. First, we read books from different genres (unlike some other clubs who stick with the same types of books each month). Second, we don't always agree about the books. He wants to hear from diverse readers who know how to verbalize their thoughts - good or bad - on a book. Like I said, he was very easy to talk to and I'm looking forward to our meeting more than ever.

For those of you who will not be at the meeting at Nicole's on Sunday, I'll work out a time/place to get your book to you. I hope you are enjoying The Kite Runner ... I'm sure we'll have LOTS to talk about at the meeting!

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