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Monday, June 9

Recap: The Kite Runner

Yesterday we met to discuss The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and to watch the movie. Thank you to Nicole for being our wonderful hostess, and to everyone for bringing delicious goodies to eat!

Our discussion was very brief this time because we knew the movie was over 2 hrs long. A few interesting things to note from our meeting:
  • Everyone liked this book, although we all found it disturbing. We agreed it was well written and hard to put down.
  • Those who listened to the audio book were very impressed. The author did the reading and he's an excellent speaker.
  • One gal's husband has been in Afganistan several times ... he told her that events like those in the book still happen there today.
About the book vs. the movie:
  • We all agreed the book was far better than the movie.
  • Too many of the scenes or characters that we thought were vitally important in the book were missing or shortened in the movie.
  • One gal who couldn't attend watched the movie with her husband last week; she said she didn't like it at all and that her husband had a hard time following it.
  • The subtitles make it hard to watch with a group.
I know that this is not like my usual summary posts, but we really didn't have an official discussion; otherwise there wouldn't have been time for the movie.

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Our next meeting is set for Sunday, July 20. We're reading Unholy Grail and meeting with the author.

Steph got to pick the next book and she chose Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. We will be meeting to discuss this in early August, so please start reading it as soon as you finish Unholy Grail.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for the link. I'd love to listen to this one on CD, I didn't realize that he was the narrator. I've only watched half of the movie thus far but hope to finish it up sometime soon.