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Monday, October 8

2006: Memoirs of a Geisha

Annette (my mom) picked Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden, and it led to one of the best meetings we've ever had. This book lends itself to a themed dinner, and we went all out! Annette decorated the house with Japanese umbrellas and other treasures. Everyone came dressed in Japanese-inspired garb. We ate sushi, edamame, potstickers, and lots of other Asian food including some kind of strange, gooey dessert. After the meal and discussion, Annette's husband Hugh (my dad) brought out an authentic samurai sword. His father, Gorman, was stationed in Okinawa after WWII, and Hugh grew up there. The sword was a gift to Gorman from a Japanese friend, who said it had been in his family for generations. Needless to say, the clothing, food and artifacts made for an extra-special evening!

And now, about the book! We thought the book was well written and captivating. We also found it interesting to learn that the woman Golden based his book on ended up suing him after it was published. She provided him with information to write the book on the condition that she be left anonymous. However when he published the book it included a dedication thanking her by name.

Several of us got together to watch the movie a few weeks later. We agreed that it was an excellent adaptation and well worth watching.

There were 6 of us at this book club meeting, and everyone loved the book. Ratings included one 9 and five 10s! That made the official rating 9.8.

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