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Wednesday, October 24

Who We Are

There are 20 ladies on the SdelleS mailing list but only half of them are active members. Here is a bit about each of us, starting with the original members [at least, those who gave me info to add!].

Heather - Book Club Founder and unofficial leader ... I started this club back in the summer of '05 because I am a reading addict and am always looking for people to discuss my books with me. I love to learn (and to teach) so researching authors, themes, etc. is a perfect fit for me. My favorite thing about SdelleS is our discussion time ... you know, those great discussions where everyone has an opinion and a strong desire to share it. That doesn't happen with every book, but when it does, I'm in my glory! A little about me ... I've been married since '98 and have a son who was born in '02. My favorite things to read are historical fiction, true stories and the sci-fi/fantasy of Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert, JRR Tolkien and the Dungeons and Dragons series. In addition to reading, I'm an avid scrapbooker and family historian.

Kara - original club member, Heather's college friend

Carrie - original club member, Heather's childhood friend

Nicole - original club member, Heather's sister

Steph - original club member, sister to Kara ... I joined SdelleS for some self-care time, girl time, and because I love to read (well, usually). My favorite thing about book club is that is gives me time with family & friends & always good food. A little about me ... I am a fun-loving thrill seeker but have a busy schedule. So books are a way for me to get a quick thrill when I can't jet off to another state or country for a reality thrill (like volcanoes and scuba diving...). It is also time for me to just be me, to take off the hat of being a professional and wear the hat of being a fun-loving, spiritual woman with my family and friends.

Bev - member since 2005, Kara & Steph's mom

Nancy - member since 2006, Bev's friend ... I joined SdelleS for the love of reading, conversation and friendship. My favorite thing about the club is that we are a diverse group of women who bring an array of experience and personality. Each has a story and we are sisters in heart, hence our chosen book club name! Our meetings are serious, yet FUN and always interesting. The themed meals make the meetings enjoyable to plan. A little about me ... I am a 51 year young woman, Fancy Nancy is my name. My interests include knitting, stamping, party planning, cooking, gardening, shopping (treasure hunting and bargain shopping), spending time with family, traveling and helping others. I love anything that sparkles and yes, I admit, I read Martha Stewart Magazine and follow her show. Cannot help it, she does have great ideas!

Annette - member since 2006, Heather & Nicole's mom

Amber - member since 2006, Heather & Nicole's friend

Anna - member since 2006, Carrie's friend ... I would often read books and not finish them, so I hoped that being in a book club would give me the extra nudge to finish books. My favorite things about the club are meeting some pretty amazing women and all the great FOOD and laughs we share. Hmm, not sure what to tell you about me. The great thing about our book club is we get to know each other and share a lot of ourselves and our lives with each other. Some things that may surprise everyone about me:
1. I took Opera lessons (I love to sing, but not opera)
2. I love taking language classes, most recently I took Russian
3. I wish I could be a professional dancer (not with a pole)... ha ha ha...
4. My passion is to have enough money to oversee an Orphanage and guarantee that every child will receive the BEST care and feel loved until a family adopts them. Thus the reason I selected Russian as my recent language class (they have the most horrible Orphanages in Russia and the government has restricted help for decades).

Joan - member since 2007, invited by Heather

Jessica - member since 2007, started attending in 2008, invited by Carrie

- member since 2007, started attending in 2008, invited by Carrie


Anonymous said...

I haven't found a book club yet because a few that I tried to join are closed and also because I read so eclectically.

I'm wondering if you are a member of shelfari or library thing. I've joined both but only have time to update one regularly which is shelfari. I like having a virtual bookcase.

Perhaps I'll explore an on-line book club.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

candelaria - thanks for dropping by! I too tried to join several existing book clubs without success ... that's when I decided to just start my own.

I am a member of both Shelfari and Library thing, but I don't update my bookshelf at either one - or at Good Reads either.

Most of my blogging is done on my other site, www.age30books.blogspot.com. That's where I do book reviews and at least one new post per day. Check it out if you get a chance.